Bodybuilder Zoran Lazarevski-Paljo: I was falsely reported to have shot a homeless dog with an air rifle from a terrace on Shirok Sokak

Zoran Lazarevski - Paljo, a famous fitness trainer and bodybuilder, as well as a former candidate for the mayor of Bitola, tells "Sloboden Pechat" that it was falsely reported that he allegedly shot a stray dog ​​with a rifle from his terrace on Shirok Sokak.

The event is registered in the bulletin of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but although Lazarevski has been reported, he says that he has an alibi: He was not at home at that time, but was with three friends for coffee.

- That is their assumption, that I was the one who shot. I was surprised too. At that time I was with three friends for coffee. I was not at home at the time of the shooting. It is true that my wife has trauma from a dog that bit her. It's a huge problem in Bitola, we can't sleep because we live in the center of Shirok Sokak. Whoever passes by, be it a larger group or tourists, or cyclists, their packs are released. This is a terrible problem in Bitola. There are whole packs of dogs. Downstairs, there is a saleswoman in the boutique, who loves animals, feeds them and collects them. No problem. But when she goes home after work, we can't sleep, if she loves them so much, let her take them home. Or there are associations for the protection of animals and let them take them to a hospital. This is a terrible problem. If they lay still, there would be no problem. But they attack, people attack, children attack. Although this is all a big problem, I am not a fool to go out on a balcony in broad daylight and shoot a rifle like a fool. I was neither at home nor did I do such a thing, Lazarevski told "Sloboden Pechat".

He says that he was falsely reported and he said that at the station when he was questioned by the police.

Since I argued with the saleswoman, she assumed that I had shot the air rifle and reported me. When this is all over, if there is a trial, I will file for false reporting and defamation. I am also surprised and my friends are surprised, and the owner of the cafe and the waiters, because I was having coffee with them and they don't understand how I can be in two places at the same time. They don't have a witness, they don't have cameras, they don't have anything. If a man like me appeared on the balcony, how could no one see him? It is an abnormal thing. We live in some disturbed times and I can no longer understand them, this is a miracle, added Lazarevski.

He gave a statement at the police station.

- I don't have a problem with the police, they have to act on a report, maybe 12 police officers and inspectors practice at my place. I have never had any problem before, nor a fight, nor have I ever kicked a dog in the street, even who knows how many times I leave food for them, he added. 

By the way, SVR Bitola announced that they received a report that 63-year-old Z.L. from Bitola allegedly shot from the balcony of his house on Shirok Sokak with an air rifle at a stray dog ​​that was on the street. The event happened on Wednesday.

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