Bochvarski announced a tender for the railway to Bulgaria, section Kriva Palanka - Deve Bair

The Kumanovo - Beljakovce railway is being built/Photo: RSM Government

The railway from Kumanovo to Beljakovce is being intensively built, the authorities are satisfied with the dynamics. The Minister of Transport and Communications Blagoj Bochvarski, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, and the director of JP ŽRSM, Zoran Trifunovski, today inspected the work on the construction of the railway in the Kumanovo settlement "Pero Chicho".

Construction of the first phase, that is, the section from Kumanovo to Beljakovce, up to 31 kilometers long, is worth 40 million euros.

The construction of a railway from Kumanovo to Kriva Palanka and in the next phase to the border with the Republic of Bulgaria is an investment of over 700 million euros. Bochvarski said that this is a serious investment and the importance of Corridor 8 as part of the European transport network, the construction of this railway is a prerequisite for sustainable economic development for the country and the region, and the EU has included the corridor on the map of European corridors.

- Today's visit to this first section together with Minister Spasovski and the director is proof of how important this railway is, not only as an investment for the Government, but as a capital project that will enable a huge social contribution for the citizens, for the economy and for the whole country, said Bochvarski and expressed his satisfaction with the dynamics of the realization of the project. As he pointed out, the realization is 44 percent and it is expected to be completed by the deadline, October 2024.

For the second phase, from Beljakovce to Kriva Palanka, 155 million euros have been invested for the construction of 34 kilometers of new railway. In that part, as he pointed out, most of the challenges have been overcome and we are working with a good progress of 12 percent.

- What I can announce from here is that this railway will be operational by the end of next year, which will complete the first section. The tender procedure for the third phase from Kriva Palanka to the border with Bulgaria is in the final stage. By the end of the year, we expect a tender procedure to be announced for the selection of a contractor for the most complex section of the railway, the third phase from Kriva Palanka to R. Bulgaria, said Bochvarski.

He expects rapid development and economic growth for the companies, stated that he understands the skepticism about the construction of the railways, pointing out that they are complex projects.

- We are remediating all the anomalies and weaknesses that appeared in the past during the construction of the railways, the railway corridors, so that today we can realize the largest project so far of 200 million euros and it is being realized, said Bochvarski.

The minister emphasized that the mixed commission of North Macedonia and Serbia was formed, which started working on the plans for the construction of a high-speed railway from Belgrade to Skopje with a branch to the airport in Skopje, the rehabilitation of part of the southern corridor 10 from Negotino to Nogaevci was completed .

- The Parliament has already passed the Law on Liberalization of Railway Traffic, a process by which we expect new operators to enter who will drive on the Macedonian railways. And with all these projects and measures, we are giving a strong input into the creation of a new railway system that will be developed in parallel with the others. railways in the region, the minister said.

Bochvarski reminded that the investments in the road infrastructure are being intensified on corridor 8: the expansion of the third lane from Kriva Palanka to Deve Bair, the expressway Rankovce to Kriva Palankavo, the final stage, the Kumanovo-Stratsin bypass and the Kumanovo ring road with the bridge as well as "Iskrin Most" have been completed. ". In this region, other road routes have been rehabilitated, and as Bochvarski said, from being neglected, the northeastern region now has modern infrastructure.

- Our activity in the field continues, we are putting strong pressure for a faster realization and today I can say that we will have a new record in the realization of the Government's capital investments, because we have already surpassed last year's which was 465 million euros, this year it has already been surpassed, until the end next year I expect an even higher level, which will be significant for the citizens and the state, said Bochvarski.

The director of PE ŽRSM, Zoran Trifunovski, indicated that the location where the introduction is made is at the tenth kilometer.

- With the contractors, we have reached 44 percent of the performance. Here is the stop "Pero Chicho" there are three stations to Beljakovce. We will reach the planned deadline for the construction of LOT 1, said Trifunovski.

He expects the construction of the remaining two Lots to proceed with good dynamics, with the new tender to select a contractor and complete the three lots. Regarding part of the construction of this section in Kumanovo, Trifunovski said that the expropriation has been completely completed, he emphasized that they cooperate with the citizens in the places where the section passes, priority is given to the environment. In this part, as he emphasized, there will be sound protection, an underpass for the needs of the local population, which will benefit in the future.

- This is a big challenge, a big investment that has never been done in the country before, said Trifunovski.

And he expects to start working on the project with Serbia and the leg to the airport, stressing that the citizens will benefit from this capital project.

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