'Pale copy of Kerry': Baby Lasagna faces criticism for copying last year's Finland representative

Photo: Facebook/"Dora"/Renato Brangjolica/EPA

After the singer's victory Marko Purisic, known by his stage name Baby Lasagna, at the "Dora" festival, many are delighted with the Croatian representative at this year's Eurovision Song Contest. However, there are those who believe that Baby Lasagna copied the style of last year's representative of Finland, the rapper Kerry.

"Baby Lasagna is Carrie from Ali Express", "Croatia always has to copy an artist from previous editions. Now it's Kerry's turn", "He reminds me of the Finnish representative from last year, but I like him", "It's quite clear who was his inspiration for this song", this is how some of the comments of Eurovision fans read.

The Croatian representative received such comments from the very first moment when he became part of this year's "Dora" festival, and even then he commented on such accusations.

"I know they compare me. I'm glad about that because I consider him a good musician. "He was my favorite and if I can give somebody what he gave me, that certain feeling, that's great," said Baby Lasagna on HRT's morning program in mid-January.

"Honestly, I think people compare us mostly because of the context of Eurovision itself. "If it wasn't for that, I think it would be difficult to compare us," he added.

Then the hostess asked him about the stage performance, about which not much was known until that moment.

“He's invested a lot in stage performance, do you want to go in that direction?” she asked him.

"Yes, he put a lot into his stage performance, but I'll put even more," Baby Lasagna answered her.

@hrvatska_radiotelevizija 🎤 @thebabylasagnaofficial commented on the show @dobrojutrohrvatska comparing with last year's Eurosong performer @paidatonriehuja and revealed some details of Doru's performance. #hrvatskaradiotelevizija #babylasagna #käärijä #hand #dora2024 #Croatia #eurosong #DobroJutroHrvatska #fyp ♬ original sound – HRT

Let us recall, Marko Purisic, known by his stage name Baby Lasagna, won the Dora Festival and will represent Croatia at this year's Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Rome Team Tagi Dim".

"Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I've always been of the attitude: It's not over until it's really over. I didn't think about the potential victory at all, but I wanted to do my best," he said after the victory, after which he performed the winning song again.

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