Blazevska: Metalurg will not go out, we dispute the decision for Kastratovic

Zorica Blazevska
Zorica Blazevska, the president of the handball club Metalurg / Photo: Free Press

The match from the domestic championship was to be played on Wednesday Metalurh and Vardar in Avtokomanda, but it was canceled.

The former champion Metalurg has been suspended from the Super League and the domestic Cup. Due to financial problems, the European Handball Federation suspended Metalurg from European competitions last weekend.

That will stand until the debts of former handball players and coaches who sued the club and won the dispute are paid. According to the propositions of RFM, after three unplayed matches, the club is excluded from the competition and sent to the lowest rank.

As it was announced, the team from Avtokomanda scheduled a press conference for today about the latest developments in the club.

- We will not give up even if we are expelled from the Super League. If we fail in our intention, the biggest losers will be the players. We will play in the First League if necessary, the club will continue to function through Metalurg RA. Many other clubs started from the First League, so now they have great teams. Everyone who thought that they would take our players, that they would take our gym, I will have to disappoint them. We asked to meet with the people from the Handball Federation of Macedonia to find a common solution 15 days before receiving the voucher, we also addressed the European Handball Federation. I expect support from RFM, otherwise I will be disappointed. We will ask for the three elimination rounds from the Super League to be postponed, and to be played at the end of the month - said the president of HC Metalurg, Zorica Blazevska.

There are no problems with the former player Aleksandar Shpende, but the decision of the former coach of Metalurg, Zoran Kastratovi,, ie his request (through EHF) to be paid the money until the end of the contract while he was leading the club, is disputed. According to Blazevska, that money is undeserved, ie the other seven salaries are disputed. The real debt of HC Metalurg is 65.000 euros, and if the seven salaries of Kastratovi. Are added, the debt reaches 90.000 euros.

Asked if Mincho Jordanov is still helping the club, Blazevska said the situation had become much more difficult due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He helped financially when he needed it most, the pandemic put sport in the background, and businesses like construction were a priority.

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