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Blaze Koneski is a linguistic-poetic sign of recognition with the world

The centenary of the birth of the great poet of poetic word and linguistic thought, Blaze Koneski, is a strong motive for many cultural institutions to organize events in that honor. In the park in front of the Cultural-Information Center in Skopje, with the support of the City of Skopje, on May 5, on the Day of the Macedonian Language, a debate "Blaze Koneski Today" was held, attended by the President of the Council of Skopje, Ljubica Janceva from the Faculty of Philology "Blaze Koneski" at UKIM, as Dimitar Pandev, Boban Karapejovski and Bojan Petrevski.

The purpose of the tribune was to illuminate the character and work of Koneski in a narrower and wider sense. In a narrower sense: what is his work today in the Macedonian social, cultural-educational and scientific reality, as a stimulus and corpus. In a broader sense: as an investment in an established linguistic-poetic tradition in Macedonian studies, from which arises a recognizable linguistic school, which rightly bears his name: Blaze Koneski School.

- Koneski is deeply rooted in both science and tradition. His work is so strongly and firmly grounded, first in scientific truth, then in our national tradition and values, that he can not be questioned by some temporary waves. Hence, I remind you of the words of academician Gane Todorovski, who claims that "Blaze Koneski is without a doubt a central creative figure of the second half of the 20th century in Macedonia; it is a person of an author whose work is temporally and categorically and qualitatively unique, literally unique ”(Todorovski, 2002: 78-79) - emphasized Janceva.

The President of the Council of the City of Skopje, Ljubica Janceva, addressed the tribune "Blaze Koneski today"

She added that there is no doubt that Blaze Koneski is a person who gave the most distinctive stamp to the time of our free life, that broadly and deeply conceived our cultural action, he was, is and will be our sign of recognition to the world. The man who poured all his creative potential for the benefit of his people, which owed a lot to his people and our city, so it is proper for him - the city of Skopje to repay him, in accordance with "keeping the values ​​in a tradition", as he said on one occasion, Janceva remarked.

- With special piety I want to emphasize that confirmation of how much we as the City of Skopje today owe to the character and work of Blaze Koneski for him to be present among current and future generations is that the Council of the City of Skopje at its 65th session, made a decision to name the Skopje boulevard VMRO after Blaze Koneski. Furthermore, in order for him to be an inspiration for new achievements in his work, we financially support the publication of the book "100 songs in honor of the centenary of the birth of Blaze Koneski", and as an expression of respect for the great we financially support the forum organized by the Institute for Macedonian language "Krste Misirkov" and many other activities, because Koneski was not a man who is born every day or every year - summed up Janceva.

In his address, Professor Dimitar Pandev, among other things, said that the status of Blaze Koneski is growing into a legend, and his literary work is a stable corpus in the Macedonian literary language. With his linguistic thought, in which the theory of literary languages ​​is placed at the hierarchically highest level, because among the linguists who theoretically set and processed this theory in any other language community in the world, Koneski is the only example that inductively and inductively with his entire work illustrates this theory.

(The text was published in "Cultural Press" number 79, in the print edition of "Free Press" on May 8-9, 2021)

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