Bizarre incident in Italy: A man went for vaccination with a silicone hand, he was immediately caught


An Italian man, 50, from the northern Piedmont region, appeared at his vaccination against Covid-19 with a fake silicone hand, after which he was immediately caught and is now facing criminal charges. 

The doctor, immediately after the man shook his hand, suspected the man. He immediately asked the man to take off his shirt.

This is where the anti-vaccine plan failed.

"I felt offended as a professional," Filippa Bua told "The color of my hand made me doubt it, so I asked the man to reveal the rest of his left hand. "It was well made, but it was not the same color."

After the deception was discovered, the man begged the medical professional to forgive him and release him. But he was reported immediately, and the health authorities have to file a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office.

No one had ever suspected before

The man allegedly followed all the usual procedures, was interviewed about his health and signed a consent form before the doctor, before revealing his silicone hand.

The bizarre incident happened on December 2 at the vaccination center in Biella where direct access, without an appointment, is allowed for those who decide to receive the first dose of the vaccine against Covid.

The man went to be vaccinated only for obtaining a covid certificate, which is mandatory in Italy to perform many tasks.

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