Bizarre love story: They loved each other more than anything, and they were separated by a serious illness

Ronald and Nancy Reagan / Photo: EPA

The love story of one of the most famous presidential couples of all time, Ronald и Nancy Reagan, is considered one of the most beautiful stories, and their great love is evidenced by the numerous letters they have exchanged over the years, writes "Style".

The author of the biography "The Triumph of Nancy Reagan" revealed unknown and slightly bizarre details of their love. According to the biography, they were most important to each other, even more important than their own children. They often neglected the children, and that left a mark on them. And this bizarre relationship, as well as the dysfunctional family, is the foundation of their epic love story.

Probably the reason why Nancy became so attached to her husband dates back to her childhood - the future first lady of the United States grew up almost without a mother. Namely, while her mother, the actress Edith Davis she was looking for acting, she left little Nancy with the nanny, but also with the girl's uncle. After her mother remarried to a neurosurgeon Loyal Davis, who adopted Nancy as his daughter, the family moved to Chicago.

As the pear fell under the pear, Nancy herself began acting in the theater. To make her dreams come true, the young girl moved to New York, and she got the roles thanks to her mother's acquaintances. In early 1949, she was contacted by MGM and offered a test shoot. This offer happened thanks to the actor Spencer Tracy, who did her mother a favor. Because she showed great talent for filming, Nancy received a seven-year contract with a monthly salary of $ 250.

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On one of the shootings, she met Ronald Reagan and then a great love was born that marked their lives. Although chemistry was born between them immediately, their relationship became serious only a few months later. Ronald and Nancy were married in 1952 and remained together until Ronald's death in 2004.

During the marriage, they became the parents of two children - their daughter Patti was born in 1952 and their son Ron six years later. In addition to them, Ronald had three more children from his previous marriage to actress Jane. According to many, their relationship was bizarre, even though they had a large family.

According to the biography, Nancy knew Reagan better than anyone.

"When she was unhappy about something, everyone in the West Wing knew it, and those who did not like her very much did not stay in the job for long," the biography said.

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What amazed everyone was the intensity of the love they felt even after many years of marriage, so everyone wanted to know the secret of their perfect relationship. How it all seemed out of sight of the curious public is best described by the letter Reagan sent to his beloved wife on May 24, 1963. The correspondence discusses the problems they had with the children - Michael, Ronald's son from the first marriage, and Patti, the daughter he had with Nancy.

"It does not matter if Mike buys his first car or spends the money on clothes. What we both want is for him to finally get on the right track and start supporting himself… (Sometimes he worries me about other things, but we will try to solve that problem in the best way)… But what worries me the most is "Although we have fulfilled our obligations to the children, we have not been careful in other things - in presenting ourselves to each other," Ronald wrote in the letter.

Their relationship with the children was getting worse, so Patti refused to give any nice statement about her mother's biography, claiming that she had beaten her but that she was also addicted to pills. This was confirmed by their son Ron, who stated that it was not at all easy to grow up with her.

"She was quite upset, especially when my father was on the road. "We never knew which of her characters would be present that day, so we always had to be careful," Ron said.


In time, however, Patti forgave her late mother, but she is still not ready to speak publicly about her.

The relationship between Michael and Nancy became complicated several years before his father died in 2004.

"Over time, the relationship between Michael and Nancy became so bad that Nancy was afraid of the moments when she was alone with him. "This was evidenced by the fact that when Michael came to visit, the Secret Service immediately put an agent on alert."

This was confirmed by his half-brother, Ron.

"The Secret Service was very concerned about Mike, especially after the incident when he yelled at my mother and told her it would be better if she was dead," Ron said.

Photo: EPA

However, the marriage, which lasted six decades, did not go unnoticed. According to the author of the biography, after the president almost died in the assassination attempt in 1981, the first lady became obsessed with ensuring the safety of her husband. It went so far as to force him to wear body armor, which he often refused. She also asked him not to address the public in public.

Definitely, that assassination attempt broke Nancy - she kept crying that he was not near her, something that sometimes lasted several months.

But what was most difficult for them were the last months of Ronald's life, which he spent trapped in his own body due to the consequences of Alzheimer's disease. His death in 2004 completely broke Nancy and she never recovered from this loss. Until her death in 2016, Nancy slept with his photograph.


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