Bitola Bulgarians will appeal against the deletion of "Ivan Mihailov" from the register

Ivan Mihailov Cultural Center - Bitola/Photo: Screenshot

After the Central Register announced yesterday that the Bulgarian club "Ivan Mihailov" in Bitola was deleted from the register after the founders did not change its name, today the Bulgarian community in Bitola is reacting, announcing that they will appeal the decision.

They will complain "first before the Macedonian courts, and then in Strasbourg". reported the Bulgarian media. The club "Ivan Mihailov" no longer exists according to the authorities in the RSM, that is, it has been deleted from the Central Register of the State. The register contains the data of all existing organizations in our neighborhood.

The reason for the closure is the new legal amendment, according to which controversial names of associations and foundations that incite aggression and hatred are prohibited. Ivan Mihailov is perceived in North Macedonia as a person close to the fascist ideology and the Third Reich, who did not respect the uniqueness of the Macedonian people with his actions.

"If we think back years ago, the name Bulgarian was taboo. It's not anymore. Bulgarians are now united around the name of Ivan Mihailov and Bulgaria and are fighting for their rights in Macedonia, our fight will continue and we will not stop here", says Ljupcho Georgievski, president of the Bulgarian cultural club in Bitola.

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