The Bitola hospital claims that the woman in labor whose baby died had an uncontrolled pregnancy, but the gynecologist who treated her denies this

PHI Clinical Hospital "Dr. Trifun Panovski "- Bitola
PHI Clinical Hospital "Dr. Trifun Panovski "- Bitola / Photo: Facebook

The "Trifun Panovski" clinical hospital in Bitola claims in an official statement sent to the editorial office of "Sloboden Pechat" that the woman in labor Zimbreta Tuntevska whose baby Luke died suddenly on Saturday – she had an uncontrolled pregnancy.

However, the gynecologist Dr Tony Anastasievski claims for "Sloboden Pechat" that this is not true and that Zimbreta had regular check-ups with him at least 6 times, from the 15th to the 35th week of pregnancy, in his private practice.

- Her pregnancy is under control, Doctor Anastasievski told "Sloboden Pechat".

As we have already announced, baby Luka was born in the Bitola hospital on Friday, but for mysterious reasons, he died the next day during the transport to the Skopje Children's Clinic.

The father, Dragoljub Kitoski, claims for "Sloboden Pechat" that he is angry that the hospital did not inform him or his wife for 18 hours that something was wrong with the baby and that, as he says, "they took away his chance to try to save him to transfer the baby to a private hospital or to Skopje".

The Bitola Clinical Hospital told "Sloboden Pechat" that the mother was admitted on Friday, June 14, and that she had been complaining of pain for the past two days. She was sent by a family doctor who until then managed her pregnancy, and the purpose of sending her was to give birth.


For the first time, the patient came for an examination at PHI Clinical Hospital Bitola on the same day, she underwent a CTG examination, it turned out that she had contractions and an elective caesarean section was performed.

The patient suffered from asthma. This is the patient's third irregularly controlled pregnancy, with one previous caesarean section and one miscarriage. She gives information that during her pregnancy she visited two different family doctors and for the first time she came to the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at PHI Clinical Hospital Bitola for an examination.

She gave information that she had been in pain for the previous two days - which was also confirmed by the CTG examination - and for that reason the family doctor referred her to the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics for an examination, the Bitola Clinical Hospital said in an official statement to the "Sloboden Pechat" ".

It adds that at 11:43 a.m., a male newborn was delivered by caesarean section with an Apgar score of 5,77, who was aspirated at birth and briefly resuscitated.

The neonatology department is placed on oxygen support in an incubator for monitoring. A few hours later, the mother was informed by a neonatologist about the condition of the newborn.

During the day, the condition of the newborn improves, the same with improved saturation, vesicular breathing, he receives food well. The next day, June 15, 2024, during the morning check, it was determined that the condition of the newborn was unchanged.

At 13:25 p.m. on the same day, the condition of the newborn suddenly worsens, which is why both parents are called to give written consent for the transportation of the newborn because the transportation of the newborn is high risk.

It was explained to both parents that the newborn's condition is risky. The transport was carried out as soon as possible. The body of the newborn has been submitted for autopsy to the Department of Pathological Anatomy with cytology, they add from the Bitola Clinical Hospital.

The causes of death remain unknown.

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