The man from Bitol who was poisoned in a cafe is stable, but doctors fear that his condition may worsen

Photo: Peter Griffin

For now, the Bitol resident is in a stable condition he drank a corrosive that was given to him instead of mineral water in a cafe. He is at the Toxicology Clinic for the third day, and the doctors are closely monitoring his condition.

As the director of the clinic said today, Ridwan Bajrami, the patient was admitted in serious condition. He added that there is a possibility that his condition will worsen.

-Endoscopic examinations were performed which showed that the upper digestive tract was damaged. We will see in the coming days how things will unfold, because it is a pathology that develops. The damage is not acute, but is developing - said the director.

The clinic says that for now the patient has stable vital parameters. He complains of pain, but the doctors say that in such situations pain is normal. He is receiving therapy for corrosive intoxication and the results are awaited from the Institute of Forensic Medicine, where tests are being carried out.

The man from Bitola got poisoned when he drank a solution for machine washing dishes in a cafe, after asking for a glass of sour water.

"I took a sip and immediately felt that it was not water": Patient poisoned with a corrosive agent admitted to Toxicology

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