Bitola with thermal heating in 2025: The hot water installation by REK Bitola one kilometer in front of the city

Rek Bitola
Rec Bitola / Photo AD Power Plants of Northern Macedonia

The hot water installation from REK Bitola, the main pipes are located one kilometer in front of the city, said Goran Kozarov, manager of DOEL of AD ESM, Toplovod-Bitola.

The hot water branch from REK Bitola, from where the heat will be taken to the heating tower, is a 13 km long route and we are currently at 12 km, and the machines are laying the last kilometers so that the hot water pipe will soon enter Bitola, says Kozarov.

This phase is the first of the heat pipe, the main pipes, supply and return pipe are being installed, in the second phase of the heat pipe will be the city network and the distribution shafts, and then a collector will be built in REC Bitola and the tower that will be used to heat the water in the city. This is one of the most desired projects, which will enable the reduction of pollution in the city, and the benefit for the citizens is huge, Kozarov pointed out.

According to the project, with the completion of the three phases, the heat pipe will be branched into three branches that will be used by 37 institutions, and then the collective buildings and other users from Bitola, Mogila and Novaci.

The first users of the heat pipe are expected to be connected in 2025.

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