Bitola and FC Pelister will build a training campus

Petar Milosovski Stadium/ Photo: Municipality of Bitola

The return of FC "Pelister" to the first league competition greatly increased the obligations not only of the club's administration, but also of the municipality of Bitola.

- FC Pelister is the pride of Bitola, but also a great obligation for the professional team, the club administration, the municipality. The following challenges are aimed at organizational and financial strengthening of the club. The planned plans from last year are already being implemented, the youth school is recording significant results, and the local government continues to provide support in addition to professional sports clubs and other sports teams and individual athletes. Sport is really important because it is both an ambassador and important for national pride, for the fans' sense of belonging. On this occasion, in addition to the fans, I want to thank them for their huge support, but also the club's management and all those who were involved and supported FC Pelister to return to where it belongs and be in the First League.

I also want to emphasize that the excellent functioning of the youth school is very significant, because without that segment no sports team will be what it should be. And this year, for the first time after more than 10 years, three finals in the Macedonia Cup were played by the categories that belonged to that youth section, good results were also achieved in the children's league, and last year we also had a generation that were champions. The first league is one thing, but we see FC Pelister as a whole," said Borche Dimitrovski, secretary of the municipality of Bitola.

After the return of FC Pelister to the First Football League, among the biggest priorities that the municipality of Bitola is working on is the improvement of the sports infrastructure in the city.

- It is good to have good teams in all sports, but sports infrastructure is extremely important. That's why we work diligently. That first part of the functional whole of the stadium is being completed, i.e. the north tribune of the stadium was built, but we are not stopping there. We have prepared project documentation for the southern tribune, for its rehabilitation and reconstruction, and in the next period we expect that to be done, to complete the stadium as a whole, but together with the administration and sports experts, we are thinking of building a training campus in Bitola, which is missing for everyone. sports football teams, where private schools will have the opportunity, not only FC Pelister.

For the city to do that will be very significant. There is a suitable location in the former barracks and project documentation is already being worked on, but it will be a more extensive and significant project, which will enable a solid future for football in Bitola", announced the secretary of the Municipality of Borce Dimitrovski.

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