Bitici: There are no more contracts for bars, we solve the infrastructure systemically

Fatmir Bitici, Vice Prime Minister for Economy / PHOTO: Free Press

For the first time, we are systematically setting things up to solve infrastructure problems, said the Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Fatmir Bytyqi in "24 analysis".

"I regret that someone who held positions in the past did not create a system for the smooth flow of infrastructural problems. I hope that the justice system will find out why nothing was done. The key answer is “election year”, obviously politicians look from election to election… ie what am I going to do now to win the next election. That's why no system was made. "The previous government had created a parallel system and the address was not on Ilindenska," said Bitici.

Asked about the Kicevo-Ohrid highway, he said that there were 130 unapproved infrastructure projects on this highway.

"It's practically every meter of the highway." The citizens do not care about slopes. Here we are talking about 50 kilometers, and those projects were not drawn, the land was not expropriated. Everything started to be built without drawn projects. On December 31.12.2023, XNUMX, all contractors have a deadline for completion. Someone will bear serious responsibility if this is not the case, it is a systemic solution to this problem. The time of sitting in pubs and getting another year is over. "Whether one of the contractors wanted to achieve it or not, let him cancel tomorrow, we will find another contractor," Bitici said.

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