Bitici: Public healthcare without participation and higher salaries for medical personnel

Bitici, Spasovski and Shkrielj at a meeting with citizens in Shuto Orizari/Photo: Facebook

"The heart and soul of the state lies in the health of our citizens, and the duty of a social democratic government is to ensure that it is nurtured and protected. This requires a quality healthcare system accessible to all, where investment in modern medical equipment and hospitals, well-trained medical staff and competitive salaries are not luxuries. We understand all this as an expression of commitment and concern for the dignity of each of our citizens", said Fatmir Bitiqi, the bearer of the list of candidates for MPs from Constituency 2 of the Coalition for the European Future, at today's press conference held in Shuto. Orizari, Skopje.

In the statement, he recalled that the SDSM increased the salaries of the medical staff to a record, that is, the salaries of nurses increased by over 20%, among general practitioners this increase is 25%, specialists earn 40% more.

"We increased the coefficients for on-call duty by 15%, and for the first time we ensured the payment of salaries for private specialists in the amount of the average salary earned by general practitioners," Bitici said.

Speaking about the pre-election "Program for the European Future" of SDSM, he announced that in the next four years the salary increase for medical personnel in public health will continue.

"Specialist doctors will have salaries from 140.000 to 180.000 denars, general doctors will earn a monthly salary of up to 120.000 denars, and nurses from 60.000 to 90.000 denars. There are no improvisations and compromises with the health of the citizens, and therefore those who take care of them will be dignified," said Bitici and said that "we will bring back the doctors from abroad".
The vice-president of SDSM and bearer of the list of candidates for MPs in IE2, announced investment in the future generations of doctors.

"We will double the quotas of the medical, dental and pharmacy faculties in the state. We will increase the annual production of medical personnel by 100%. All students will be exempted from the expenses, instead of the parents, they will be covered by the Government. We will equalize the status of trainees between "state and private" trainees, and each of them will receive an initial monthly allowance of MKD 60.000. "For each trainee, a job will be created in the health network, with a focus on priority medical areas and cities in the country, and by 2028 we will receive 1.000 new trainees," said Bitici.

He announced investments in medical infrastructure and equipment.

"We will work on the modernization and regionalization of oncology centers in the country (Skopje, Bitola, Shtip, Tetovo, Kumanovo) so that patients with malignant diseases can more easily receive modern therapy closer to their homes," Bitici said.

The vice-president of the party announced that in the next mandate of the Government led by SDSM, participation in public health will be abolished.

"Public healthcare will be free for all insured persons, there will be no co-payment. But free public healthcare will not cause additional costs, we will not increase the contributions for health insurance - they will remain the lowest in the region, at the level of 7,2%," said Bitici.

He emphasized that the changes are necessary, but they will be made through a public debate, through which a system will be offered to define a package of health services, with an appropriate level of quality and time period, for which the contributions will be adjusted in relation to the packages of health protection.

"We know that there are no quick solutions, but together with the majority of citizens, we are confident that membership in the European Union remains the only way for substantial and lasting positive changes in healthcare. That is why SDSM does not give up on the future", said Bitici from Shuto Orizari.

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