Bislimovski: We will revoke licenses of electricity suppliers who illegally terminate contracts

Marko Bislimovski / Morning briefing

Marko Bislimovski, President of the Republic Commission for Energy, Water Services and Waste Management for the Morning Briefing confirmed that there has been a recent trend of termination of electricity supply contracts by private suppliers.

-Private suppliers and electricity traders started canceling the contracts with the consumers because they were signed at the time when the megawatt hour was charged at 50 to 60 euros. Now, due to the trend of setting electricity on the wholesale market up to 100-120 euros per megawatt hour, they say that such agreements cause a loss for them. But, regardless of when the agreements are signed, they must be respected, says Bislimovski.

He adds that any contract can be terminated but the supplier has an obligation under the same conditions to continue to supply electricity to the consumer until he secures another supplier.

- We have 13 active electricity suppliers, which is the most in the region. If one of them does not respect the signed agreements with the consumers, we as a Commission will initiate a misdemeanor procedure, and if the problem is not solved anyway, we will proceed to revoking the licenses, said Bislimovski for Utrinski briefing.


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