PHOTO + VIDEO | Bilal Kasami with a shovel in his hands was digging and removing snow and ice from the city sidewalks

Kasami was clearing snow and ice with utility workers / Photo: Facebook

The mayor of Tetovo, Bilal Kasami, together with the employees of the utility company last night worked in clearing the snow and ice from the sidewalks, as well as throwing salt. The photos shared on social networks show Kasami together with the director of PCE Tetovo Nuredin Fetai digging with shovels in their hands and removing snow and ice from the frozen city sidewalks. They also helped the workers in throwing salt.

-While everyone is in their homes in these low temperatures, the heroes of the city take care of public spaces. Tonight we jointly cleaned the sidewalks from snow and ice created by low temperatures. Security and free movement of citizens is our duty, said Bilal Kasami.

Two days ago, the mayor promised the employees of the Communal Hygiene new uniforms and work equipment, higher salaries and better working conditions in their premises.

Source: MIA

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