Beyoncé revealed for the first time that she has been dealing with a chronic skin disease since childhood

Photo: Instagram / beyonce

Beyonce recently opened up about her battle with psoriasis ahead of the launch of her new line of hair care products.

The singer, who is entering the beauty industry, says she wants to provide her loyal fans with quality products, and has gone public with her skin condition for the first time to raise awareness of the issue and support those struggling with similar conditions. challenges.

Namely, Beyoncé in the interview for "Essence" revealed that she has struggled with psoriasis since she was a child and described in detail how her personal experiences influenced the development of the company and its products.

"...I spent my childhood in my mother's salon. There, my father applied oils to my scalp to treat my psoriasis. Even today, I remember all that well, those memories are sacred to me," she explained.

She explained that she "gave up" long hair when she first became a mother. For her and as an artist, it was a way to rebel against the society that "believes that a woman should not wear short hairstyles" and to free herself from "all restraints".

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