Keep up with your time and money, enjoy more of what is yours

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People have different ways of relaxing and spending their free time. There are those who are constantly on the move, playing sports, jogging, have countless responsibilities everywhere and for them time is precious. All those with a dynamic life pace need a solid organization of daily activities, but also a useful accessory and planner that will allow them to store all the necessary information and will allow them to easily and quickly perform the accompanying duties on the go.

The gadget without which a modern individual with a dynamic lifestyle can not imagine everyday life is the clock.

In addition to displaying time, level of physical activity, hydration level, ongoing conversations and reminders, with Garmin Clock and Halkbank you can digitize your Mastercard cards and make payments from anywhere, anytime.

For these types of people, time spent paying bills and running costs is really important, so for them the option of using a payment clock or GarminPay is perfect.
If you find yourself in the above type of people, then for you using GarminPay is a perfect option, which facilitates and speeds up the payment of bills and current expenses.

What is this service, and what is it Garmin Pay?

Garmin Pay is a new option and a modern solution for contactless payment, wherever you are. With this option, you will be able to pay your bills quickly and easily, even during your routine activities. Whether you are in a pet park, drinking your morning coffee with your loved ones or heading to work, you do not need a wallet with Garmin. this smartwatch functions as a payment card with a single touch to the payment device. and you absolutely do not need to carry cash.
The conditions for using this service are very affordable and simple - all you need to do is digitize your Mastercard card issued by Halkbank AD Skopje, through the Garmin Connect application and thus activate Garmin Pay.

The payment card user of Halkbank AD downloads the Garmin Connect mobile application from the Google Play Store on a mobile device with Android operating system, or from the App Store for iOS operating system. You can check both options on the relevant links and download the application today.

Keep up with your time and money, enjoy more of what is yours!

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