"I would like to make a movie with him!": The famous Cassandra delighted with the Serbian actor Milos Biković

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The famous Venezuelan actress Koraima Torres, who is remembered for her role as the famous Cassandra, admits that she adores Serbia, but also that she enjoys the songs of folk singers Ceca Ražnatović and Jelena Karleuša.

The actress also said that she would like to make a film with the Serbian actor Milos Biković, reports Serbian "Informer".

The famous Cassandra recalled her visit to Serbia. As she says, from that moment she started listening to Serbian music and watching Serbian movies.

"I would really like that, I dream of returning to Serbia!" I was very happy while I was in Serbia, it is one of the dearest memories of my life. People were kind, attentive and supportive. I appreciate the love I received from you in the nineties, I keep it in my heart to this day," said the actress.

At the mention of the Serbian actor Milos Biković, she was delighted and said: "Of course I have heard about Biković, I would like to make a film with him!"

Koraima is also impressed by Emir Kusturica and would like to play in one of his productions.

"He has been one of my favorite directors for a long time. I like his films, the way he works, the shots, the depth of his stories... While watching his films, I enter a magical world, from which I come out a different one. I would be the happiest to play in the film directed by Kusturica," said Koraima.

The actress added that she listens to Serbian music and that she heard about Serbian music stars: "I like Ceca!" And Jelena Karleusha, too. I'm not familiar with the work of your other music stars."

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