"They would need 12 tractors": It is not known where the prisoners took the excavated soil from the tunnel in Idrizovo

Photo: Focus

The Director of the Sanctions Enforcement Administration, Jovica Stojanovic, tonight in "Top Topic" on "Thelma" talked about the case of the escape tunnel dug by prisoners in "Idrizovo" prison.

He estimates that approximately 12 tractors would be needed to get that soil out of the prison. It is not clear where the soil ended up, but Stojanovic suspects that it was gradually bagged in a nearby landfill and then taken out of the prison in a garbage truck.

-A minimum of 12 tractors would be needed. I guess it was not done in one month, but the process took a longer period. There is no prison police coverage there, no prison police to supervise the convicts. The fact is that the prison is poorly staffed, that is the weakness - Stojanovic said in Thelma's Top Topic.

He also agrees that the conditions in the prison are not good, citing overcrowding as the reason.

Stojanovic confirmed that for 1.100 convicts in Idrizovo, there is only one doctor and one psychiatrist who comes once a week.

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