Voting for the sick, infirm, people with Covid-19 and prisoners went smoothly, 10 people voted

Voting in the Local Elections 2021 for the sick, infirm and people with Covid-19 and in self-isolation, whose applications have been accepted by the Municipal Election Commissions, prisoners, detainees passed without any problems. A total of 10 voters voted today, State Election Commission (SEC) spokeswoman Ljupka Guguceska informed at a press conference tonight.

- At the polling stations in the Penitentiary, 1 voters could exercise their right to vote today. From the data we received from the Municipal Election Commissions, 899 1 voted. Regarding the voting right of the persons registered as sick or infirm out of the registered 229 7, according to the MECs, 907 5 voted so far. Regarding the persons who were registered for voting due to self-isolation decisions or were in domestic quarantine due to Covid-477, out of those registered so far, 19 people voted. Voting for these categories of voters is still ongoing and the election boards will work until all those who are registered and on the MEC lists get the opportunity to vote, Gugucheska said.


She reminded that the free telephone number 0800 55544 is active for the citizens, where they can call and ask a question or leave a comment to the SEC, but together with their contact information they would get an answer to the question. Regarding the communication with the citizens with impaired hearing and speech on the day of the elections, the telephone number 076 488 360 will be active, where they will be able to ask a question to the SEC via video call and receive an answer in Macedonian sign language. The other channels of communication of the SEC are also available: the website of the SEC, the pages of the social networks Facebook and Twitter and the YouTube channel, where you can find all the timely and accurate information related to the elections shared by the SEC which is responsible for conducting and organizing elections

source MIA