An unscrupulous provocateur stole a photo of a fireplace and lied on Facebook that Vanja was with him in Kosovo

The disappearance of the minor Vanja Gjorchevska from Skopje, awakened the special wars for unscrupulous lying to the public by abusing religious figures, with the aim of defocusing the investigation and causing inter-ethnic and inter-religious intolerance. On the eve of the OSCE Ministerial Council taking place in Skopje, unknown structures tried to distract the attention of the police, deceive the public and spread false information that Vanja had been found. In such a way they also played with the feelings of the family living in agony.

Their provocations were also sealed by the media, which published false information that Vanya was "found in a neighboring country" contrary to the journalistic code that requires journalists to publish only accurate and verified information, to pay attention to the feelings of families and to say goodbye to sensationalism in their articles. .

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Interpol are looking for the girl at the highest level, and disinformation appeared on her mother's Facebook profile yesterday, posted by an account that presents itself as a "mosque in Podujevo". The person using this fake profile commented that the girl is with him and that she is fine. This is a lie, Vanja Gjorchevska is still being searched for and has not been found. The fake Facebook profile had a photo of an Islamic religious figure.

A fake Facebook profile from which unscrupulous misinformation was spread yesterday to defocus the investigation and disturb the public / Photo screenshot

"Sloboden Pechat" contacted several mosques in Podujevo yesterday and they told us that they do not have any information about Vanja. By reverse searching the photo from the fake Facebook profile that featured an Islamic religious person, we found the true identity of the person in the photo. It's about imam Arber Berisha from Tropoja, Albania.

- I am already familiar with this profile, which I reported to the police several times because often through it someone, or a criminal group, abused the believers by abusing my name. He gave them advice and then asked them for money using my name and introducing himself from different locations in the world. This profile has nothing to do with any mosque in Podujevo. Please try to find the intruder, because I tried, but nothing helped to delete this profile, Imam Berisha told "Sloboden Pechat" in a telephone conversation.

After the comment from the fake profile was published, numerous citizens believed in it, and part of the media published the news without checking and referring to sources from the investigation that do not actually exist. The news was misinformation that Vanya was found in a neighboring country. The Ministry of Internal Affairs denied this misinformation, and the guild associations, without pointing out the media only in general, appealed for professional reporting on the case of the missing Vanja Gjorchevska.

Vanja Gjorchevska is 14 years old. On Monday at 7:20 a.m., she left her home in the Skopje Debar Maalo neighborhood and headed to the "J.H. Pestalozzi" of teaching. On the way to school, all trace of her is lost.

Vanya wore black pants with side pockets, a light blue sweater, a black short winter jacket and white Nike sneakers with a brown stripe on the sole. She was last seen in Debar Maalo on the way to "Pestaloci". She is 175 centimeters tall, weighs 58 kilograms, has dark brown hair and brown eyes, wears dentures on her upper and lower teeth and has a mole on the right side of her face. He carries a backpack and an "iPhone" mobile phone with him.

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