Besija Ilyazi called a journalist in the office and declared that "Dr. Niko Bejarovski is a doctor from the time of Comrade Tito"

Besia Ilyazi / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

After banning doctors' contact with the media and holding press conferences, today the economic director of the Toxicology Clinic, Besia Ilyazi, called a journalist to her office and gave a statement in which she pointed out that "Dr. Niko Becjarovski is a doctor from the time of Comrade Tito."

- On the part of some doctors who are not more than five or six, untruths are delivered in the media. They are well-known in the public for scandals and misinformation and are called doctors on Facebook because they spend their working hours on social networks all day and do nothing. The time of Niko Bećarovski, the doctor from the time of Comrade Tito has passed and he cannot come to terms with this reality. That is why it constantly creates confusion in the public. The new orders and order I have established hinder him and his clan who are used to working according to their habits, Ilyazi said.

She added that the dismissed director Dr. Danil Petrovski hired his daughter-in-law one day before she became organizational director.

- How could he hire his daughter-in-law on February 13, 2024, the day before I took office, and he didn't have the opportunity to hire the biologist and 18 people who have been employed here for years? He violated all legal norms, kept them working without contracts and without wages, forced them to be on duty, and so it continued until my arrival. Now that we've solved their problem, it's become a "big problem," Ilyazi added.


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