He was a rock legend and the first person infected with HIV in Yugoslavia

"Sharlo the Acrobat" / Photo: Facebook/Milan Mladenovic Foundation/Goran Vejvoda

Ivan "Ivica" Vdovic was considered the prince of the Yugoslav alternative scene, one of the best drummers in regional music and the founder of the "new wave" in Yugoslavia.

Vd, as he was nicknamed (his friends also called him Ica), was born on March 14, 1961 in Belgrade.

Vdovic's musical story began in his high school days. When he was in his third year, he became a member of the group "Lemon Tree", whose members were constantly changing. In the last lineup of the group were Vdovic, Milan Mladenovic и Dušan Kojić - Koja, who soon formed the group "Charlotte the Acrobat".

The album "Bistriji ili tuplji man biva kad..." is a cult piece of music by "Sharlo Akrobata", and the name of the album comes from the book by Vasa Pelagic - "Narodni uchitelj".

The disintegration of the group began when Vdovic proposed to join the group Goran Vejvoda and possibly his girlfriend at the time Baby Dol. Milan accepted the idea because he wanted to insert a synthesizer into the group, and Goran Vejvoda knew how to play. Dušan Kojić - Koja did not agree with the idea and thought that "Sharlo" still has a lot to offer in the same composition. In October 1981, they broke up.

Mladenović recognized the potential in Vdović's ideas, so he formed the "Katarina II" group with him. Namely, Vdovic was the main driver of that story and he brought it Margita "Magi" Stefanovic (keyboards) in the group, with whom he had fun during that period.

In addition to the three of them, the group consisted of Bojan Pechar (on bass) and Dragomir Mihajlovic – Gagi (on guitar), who left this "story" in 1985.

Then, there was a change in the composition - Vdovic left the group. In 1985, he learned that he was HIV-positive and was reportedly the first official person infected with the virus in Yugoslavia.

After being diagnosed with this serious disease, his close friend Sonja Savic he says the whole town has turned its back on him.

"In 1985, Ivica went to be tested for some strange disease that appeared in Belgrade. He came back and told the whole town that he was infected with AIDS. This is an ugly and small town - he turned his back. And he played the drums very proudly, dignified and modestly for a year and a half since then," Savic said.

Vdović died on September 25, 1992, the first official victim of AIDS in Yugoslavia.

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