Berlin is getting an LGBT kindergarten

Photo: Unsplash

A Berlin-based LGBT counseling center will open the first LGBT kindergarten in Germany in the spring. Interest in the new kindergarten is already high and so far 60 applications have been received for a total of 93 children.

In the "Pink Tiger" and "Yellow-Green Partner" groups, children will be taught that in addition to heterosexual communities and families, there are also homosexual families.

"In the kindergarten, for example, there will be 10 normal children's books, but also three in which same-sex marriages are depicted, such as: the prince marries the prince" - explained the concept director of the Counseling Center for Marcel de Groot.

According to him, it should make it easier for children to not have a problem with choosing their sexuality later in life. Interest in the new kindergarten is already high and applications are constantly arriving. Mostly same-sex families with children, citizens of Berlin who live near the kindergarten are interested.

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