Berbok: I know that the agreement you reached with Bulgaria was not easy for you, changing the Constitution is an important step

Press conference of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bujar Osmani and the German colleague Analena Berbock

I know what compromises and concessions you made for entering the European Union. Starting from the change of the name of the country and reaching the agreement on the change of the Constitution last summer. If you don't want all young people to go to Europe, then you should bring Europe here, the head of German diplomacy said today Annalena Berbock, at the joint press conference with her Macedonian colleague Bujar Osmani.

I know that the agreement you reached with Bulgaria was not easy for you and that is why I am addressing all those people who still feel some uneasiness about it. The constitution is not something that changes constantly, but these are important steps, and that's why I can understand that there is a debate about it - especially when it comes to one's own identity and one's own history, language and culture, Berbok said.

According to her, that is why it is very important "in moments like this when it comes to one's own identity not to have black and white debates, but to speak differently in politics".

The agreed change of the Constitution, Berbok pointed out, must not become a political bone of contention in the popularity contest in the polls or the contest in which party could have some advantage at the end of the elections.

Osmani, for his part, pointed out that the German minister comes in a crucial period for the country, when North Macedonia chairs the OSCE and two regional platforms this year, which speaks, as he pointed out, about the new regional position of the country.

Germany continues to be one of the strongest partners of the European integration of the region and in that context I would like to thank for the strong and continuous support that our country also receives, said Osmani.

According to him, 2030 is an ambitious but achievable goal for EU integration of all countries from the Western Balkans.

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