Gasoline prices increase by 0,5 denars

Photo: Free Press Archive

Gasoline prices will increase by 0,5 denars from midnight, while diesel will remain at the same price, said the Regulatory Commission for Energy and Water Services.

According to the decision of the Regulatory Commission, the retail prices of oil derivatives are increased by an average of 0,28 percent compared to the Decision of 05.07.2021. Retail prices of gasoline EUROSUPER BS-95 and EUROSUPER BS-98 increase by 0,50 denars per liter. Retail prices of EURODIESEL (DE V), Extra Light Household Oil (EL-1) and Fuel Oil M-1 NS do not change and remain at the same level as determined by the decision to set the highest retail prices of oil derivatives and fuels for transport from 05.07.2021.

From midnight the maximum prices of oil derivatives will be: motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS - 95 72,00 denars per liter, Motor gasoline EUROSUPER BS -98 74,00 denars per liter, Diesel fuel EURODIESEL BS (DE V) 63,00 denars per liter, Extra light burning oil 1 (EL-1) 63,00 denars per liter and Fuel oil M-1 NS 37,719 denars per kilogram.

In the past seven days, reference prices on world stock exchanges have increased on average by gasoline by 0,887 percent, diesel by 0,292 percent, extra light oil by 0,118 percent and fuel oil by 0,579 percent. In the same period, the Denar exchange rate against the dollar was higher by 0,495 percent.

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