Bendevska swore in RS Macedonia, Mitreski in the Republic of North Macedonia

Vesna Bendevska, Jovan Mitreski vice presidents of the Assembly Photo: Printscreen

The MPs elected them today at a plenary session Antonio Milososki from VMRO-DPMNE, Jovan Mitreski from the opposition SDSM and Vesna Bendevska from the ruling ZNAM for vice-presidents of the Assembly.

Antonio Milososki due to health reasons he did not attend the session and as informed by the President of the Assembly Afrim Gashi, he will take the solemn oath as the vice-president of the Parliament on the next occasion.

69 deputies voted for Milososki, 82 deputies voted for Mitreski, and 70 for Bendevska.

Gashi read the oath that the vice-presidents will respect the Constitution and laws of the Republic of North Macedonia while performing their duties in the Macedonian language. Bendevska pronounced the oath with RS Macedonia, while Mitrevski repeated it as President Gashi read the Republic of North Macedonia.

The impression is that the officials, depending on which party they belong to and above all whether they accept the constitutional name, make variations of the solemn oath so as not to use the constitutional name of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Earlier, at the inauguration as the president of the country, Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova said only Macedonia in the oath, without the adjective North, but also without the Republic.


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