Belgraders "milk" raw milk from the new milking machine

Milk powder/ Photo Paul Rapson / Alamy / Profimedia

"Salvation for small farms" - this is how their founder Marko Krsmančić describes the action with the milk machines in Belgrade. There are currently two of them in Belgrade, but as Krsmancic says about H1, there are plans to install several more.

And while in recent days the list of groceries with the label "Bodober cena" is increasing, Belgrade is getting another "Mlekomat" as a lifeline for small farms. Its founder says that the milk from the farm goes directly into this refrigerator, and he also showed how it works. The first milk machine was installed in July at Bežanijska kosa, and the second one in the BEO shopping center on Saturday.

As Krsmancic explains, to pour the milk you need a bottle, and if you don't have one, you can buy one for 100 dinars. You can buy raw cow's and goat's milk at the milk machine in Bežanijska kosa, while only cow's milk is served in the BEO shopping center. The price of milk is 100 dinars for half a liter and 200 dinars for a liter of milk. Milk can also be paid for with a card that is simply touched to the marked part. The milk in both machines is from the Glisic farm, which lives in Deliblatska peščara. Krsmancic emphasizes that the milk is tested at every pickup, and the milk machine is changed every or every other day.

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