First protests after the Kosovo incident in Belgrade: "Serbia against violence" tonight in front of the assembly and RTS

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The 22nd "Serbia Against Violence" protest is being held in Belgrade. The protest started in front of the National Assembly, and as previously announced, the walk will go along the so-called media route, but will end at the Serbian Presidency building. Nebojsa Zelenović and Radomir Lazović, from the non-parliamentary opposition, addressed the citizens before the Assembly of Serbia.

"Until now, we had fake elections, stolen elections, where citizens were blackmailed. We are asking for that to be changed, if we do not get it, then let's run a joint campaign, create some kind of social opposition," said the president of the Democratic Party, Zoran Lutovac.

On the question of whether the opposition will go to the elections together, that is, on one list, Lutovac in a statement about the Serbian one television N1 says that a framework agreement has been presented to the public and that they are now working on concretizing the agreement and that they will discuss it in the next few days.

The co-president of the Zajdeno party, Nebojsa Zelenovic, said that this country is run by "absolute dilettantes who managed to destroy everything".

"So now meat in a butcher's shop is an imaginary noun, beef for 1.200 dinars, never before." Chvartsi have become a luxury item, does anyone want to make ajvar? Paprika for 200 dinars. What is this, it has never been like this. They say that the inflation that was imported from us means that in Europe it is 6 percent, and here it is 12,5 percent, as they say. In our country, it is twice as expensive and twice as bad," said Zelenovic.

He told the president of Serbia once and for all not to mine lithium and boron - "Vucic wants lithium, the citizens don't".

"What happened the other day in Banjska, didn't it, Aleksandar Vucic?" Did you order Milan Radoicic to take armed men there. If you did, you are the biggest criminal ever. You have put your own country in political jeopardy. no, then you the biggest incompetent to make decisions in this country,” he said.

He asked if we understood "what a tragic comedy we live in".

"A tragic comedy that at the moment when Milan Radoicic leads those people to be shot, Bata Gasic, the Minister of Police, hugs Lepa Brena," concluded Nebojsa Zelenovic.

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