White House: Congress to urgently approve sending additional aid to Ukraine


The White House warned the US Congress today that it urgently needs to approve sending tens of billions of dollars worth of military and economic aid to Ukraine, saying that otherwise Kiev's efforts to defend itself against Russian invasion could be jeopardized.

In a letter to the leaders of both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate, White House Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young warned that the US would run out of funds to send weapons and aid to Ukraine.

Young said the US has already run out of money it used to support the Ukrainian economy, and added that "Ukrainians won't be able to keep fighting if (that country's) economy collapses."

"We have run out of money to support Ukraine in this fight and our time is running out." This is not a problem for next year. Now is the time to help a democratic Ukraine fight against Russian aggression. It is time for Congress to act,” Young wrote in the letter.

The American president Joseph Biden, from the Democratic Party, has requested an aid package of nearly $106 billion for Ukraine, Israel and other needs, but has not met with approval in Parliament, where skepticism about the scope of aid to Ukraine is growing.

Even those Republicans who support the allocation of additional money to Ukraine, in turn, are demanding a change in policy towards the US-Mexico border in order to stem the flow of migrants.

The Republican-dominated House of Representatives approved sending an aid package to Israel, which is waging a war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, while the White House maintained that all priorities must be met.

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