Bektesi: The measure for guaranteed prices will not continue

Guaranteed prices in markets / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The Ministry of Economy will not extend the measure for guaranteed prices, which ends at the end of this month, but, as announced by Minister Kreshnik Bekteshi, it will wait for the adoption of the law prohibiting unfair trade practices, which, according to him, will put order in unfair competition in trade will lead to a decrease in the prices of food products.

- We expect this legal solution, which is fully compliant with European regulations and has a European flag, to be adopted in the shortest possible time. With the law, we expect the prices of food and agricultural products to decrease, said Bekteshi.

The law on the prohibition of unfair trade practices in the supply chain of agricultural and food products, as he said, as early as December 2023, on the proposal of the Ministry of Economy, was adopted by the Government and submitted to the Parliament.

- The legal solution that puts order in the unfair competition in trade and introduces fair practices between traders and suppliers in the chain of agricultural and food products is expected to enter the second reading in the committees in the Parliament this week, Bekteshi pointed out.

Last year, on September 20, the Ministry of Economy passed a Decision on amending the decision on special conditions for the trade of individual goods, determination of the highest prices of individual products in retail trade, as well as the obligation for traders to acquire and sell certain types and quantities of individual goods on consumers according to a certain order that was published in the Official Gazette and is valid until February 29 of this year.

The decision refers to: white rice, in packaging from 900 g to 1 kg; wheat flour type 400 and type 500; white and semi-white bread, loaf, industrial type 450 g (whole and sliced), with the exception of freshly baked bread in markets; other bakery products; "Petit Beurre" biscuits and plain and lean biscuits from 300 to 500 g; wafers, with cocoa cream filling (regular, uncoated) from 300 to 500 g; pasta (macaroni and spaghetti from durum wheat) without and with eggs of 500 g; boneless beef, thigh or other part; boneless pork, thigh or other part; minced pork and beef; fresh or frozen chicken (whole); chicken steak fresh or frozen; tea sausage (beef, pork and beef) without additives and without slice packaging; chicken special salami (without slice package); liver and chicken pâté (without additives) in 95 and 100 g packages; permanent cow's milk (except organic milk and milk with supplements) with a fat content of 2,8%, 3,2% and 3,5%, in a 1 l package; plain cow's milk yogurt (without additives) with a fat content of 2,8% to 3,2%, in packages of 1 l and 1,5 l; sour cow's milk (usually, without additives) with a fat content of 2,8% and 3,2%, in a package of 300 to 500g; cream from cow's milk with a fat content of 12% to 20%, in a package of 180 or 200 g; traditional cow's white cheese and mixed white cheese (without additives); traditional cow's milk and mixed cheese (without additives) and fresh chicken eggs.

In addition, it also adopted a decision to amend the decision on determining the highest prices for individual products in wholesale and retail trade, which is also valid until February 29 of this year and refers to: light beer in a 1,5 l package in a bottle; carbonated drinks (juices) in packaging over 1 l in a bottle; non-carbonated drinks (juices) in carton packaging and mineral, carbonated and non-carbonated natural spring water in packaging over 1 l in a bottle.

The Ministry of Economy also made a decision to reduce import duties for the import of fresh vegetables that is valid until February 28 this year, according to which the applicable duty is 10 percent for onions, leeks, cauliflower and broccoli, lettuce, carrots, eggplant and zucchini, as well as a decision for the reduction of import duties for the import of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers which is also valid until February 28 of this year and for which the applicable duty is 10 percent. With the CEFTA countries, however, the customs duty is 0 percent.

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