Bekteshi: Ibraimi's statement is not serious, DUI offers a program to the citizens

Kreshnik Bekteshi / Photo: MIA

The Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi at today's press conference, commenting on the statements of the MP Zekirija Ibrahimi from Alternative for the Albanians regarding the distribution of the sectors in the City of Skopje, stressed that the Democratic Union for Integration "promises projects, not director positions".

- Regarding Ibrahimi's statements about the distribution of sectors within the City of Skopje, if the independent candidate wins, that in that case they had some agreement to manage "Communal Hygiene" and I mean PE "Parks and Greenery", I want to say that DUI on The October 17 election came up with a program for what it offers citizens. We offer the citizens a program, we offer conditions on how to improve their life, and not whether a certain DUI official would be the director of an institution, emphasized Bekteshi.

He assessed Ibrahimi's statements as unserious and, as he said, the citizens confirmed that on October 17, when DUI received 26 votes in the part of the list of councilors in relation to the Alliance for Albanians, which, as he said, did not knows if it has exceeded 000 votes "which could be a result of 11: 000".

Source: MIA

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