Beqiri: Reforms are missing, there is no serious fight against corruption

Reforms are lacking and there is no serious fight against corruption in the country, he said Professor of Criminal Law at FON University, Mitasin Beqiri, commenting on it the report of Transparency International on the perception of corruption.

- The report on corruption is moving, but all this is a facade, there is still a lot of work, it shows the very low rank of Northern Macedonia, it is even in the company of some African countries. "Therefore, I can conclude that there are no reforms and no serious fight against corruption," Beqiri said.

Opposition parliamentary political parties VMRO-DPMNE and the Alliance for Albanians (AA) believe that concrete reforms are needed in the fight against corruption. According to them, radical reforms and a resolute fight against crime are needed, but they add that this is not possible with SDSM and DUI.

- Due to the corrupt SDSM and DUI, Macedonia is among the most corrupt countries in Europe, in company with African countries. That is why we need quick early elections and a government that will be reform-oriented and with a clear agenda to fight corruption and crime, say the opposition VMRO-DPMNE.

From Alliance for Albanians of Zijadin Sela say that "Transparency International" confirmed that Northern Macedonia is among the most corrupt countries in the world.

- Transparency International today officially confirmed that the Alliance for Albanians has been constantly warning him. The current regime is one of the most corrupt in the world and in this year's ranking is ranked in the group of countries such as Tanzania, Suriname, Morocco, Guyana, Ethiopia, Colombia, etc. To add to the irony, the countries that until yesterday were considered the most corrupt, today are in a much better position than our country, while far from Northern Macedonia are dictatorial countries like Cuba. There is only one culprit in this situation, the hybrid regime that has captured justice and the prosecution and installed corruption in every sphere and institution. Let us remind that in this ranking contributed the passports for the world criminals, the release of the local criminals and the imprisonment of the innocent citizens who do not have money to buy the freedom even though it belongs to them, say from AA.

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