Bale is not thinking about retirement

There is interest from Gareth Bale from Milan / photo: EPA-EFE / Yoan Valat

Gareth Bale's performance with Wales at the World Cup in Qatar ended in the group stage, but he surprised everyone when he announced that he had no intention of retiring from the national team.

Bale has no intention of retiring from the national team, although he left for LA FC in the MLS league and many announced that transfer as a preparation for football retirement, and especially a departure from the national team with which he played in the European Championship, and now for the first time in the World Cup. .

"I will continue to play for Wales as long as I can, as long as my legs will hold me, as long as I want to!" The qualifications for Euro 2024 are very soon, a new adventure awaits us, they start in March and we should all think about how far we can go. We are disappointed with the performance of the WC, but at the same time proud of how far we have pushed. We need to keep our heads up and move on. "No Welsh team has come as far as this one, and we are playing in the World Cup for the first time in 64 years," Bale said.

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