BEG: It is not true that we illegally managed the heating plants in Skopje

Heating BEG heating / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

Balkan Energy Group AD Skopje (BEG) says in a written statement to the media that the statement that BEG illegally managed the heating plants is incorrect because, as they say, they used them according to the Lease Agreement with Toplifikacija, and according to the Law on Obligations, the contract inherits the new owner of the heating plants.

- At the moment when "Adora" bought the heating plants, it knew that they were under a long-term lease to BEG for the performance of public activities, which was also stated in the advertisement for sale. According to the same Lease Agreement, BEG regularly paid monthly rent in the amount of 2,6 million denars, as approved by the Regulatory Commission for Energy (RKE), but Adora returned it because it considered it insufficient, BEG points out.

They emphasize that the statement of the owner of Adora, Vancho Cifliganec, that BEG charged 1,6 million euros, which is nowhere to be found, is incorrect.

- BEG charged citizens according to the decisions of RKE. All the money collected from the citizens was directed by BEG to cover the costs of purchasing natural gas and electricity. Unfortunately, these costs were much higher than what was foreseen in the tariff for the previous heating season and the company made big losses in the first quarter and remained indebted both to Adora and to other creditors. According to the rules of RKE, the company has the right to claim realized losses from future tariffs approved by RKE, after which the obligations to Adora and other creditors will be settled, BEG emphasizes.

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