A baby died of mysterious causes, the father demands answers and responsibility from the Bitola hospital

PHI Clinical Hospital "Dr. Trifun Panovski "- Bitola
PHI Clinical Hospital "Dr. Trifun Panovski "- Bitola / Photo: Facebook

My baby Luke was born well in the hospital in Bitola on Friday, but for mysterious reasons, after 18 hours of hiding by the neonatology staff at the hospital in Bitola, I was told that he was in a critical condition and had to be transported urgently to Skopje, and a few hours later they reported that they lost it during transport, he says for "Sloboden Pechat" Dragoljub Kitoski from Resen, the baby's father.

He says that after his wife Zimbreta Tuntevska she gave birth by cesarean section on Friday, everything was fine with her and the baby. At least that's what he thought, because no one from the hospital told them otherwise. However, on Friday night, his wife was asked by hospital staff as she lay in intensive care recovering from a C-section – if she was allergic to anything. Here they became suspicious that something was happening with the baby.

- The day after the birth, I went to see the baby. They sent me to buy diapers. When I returned with the diapers and asked to see my son Luka, the neonatology doctor in Bitola told me "the baby is in critical condition, signatures from both parents are needed and he should be transported to Skopje immediately."

When they passed by with the incubator, I only saw his hair, his back was turned and I'm not sure if he was alive or dead, father Kitoski told "Sloboden Pechat".

He is angry that the hospital didn't inform him or his wife for 18 hours that something was wrong with the baby, which he says "took away his chance to try to save the baby, take him to a private hospital or in Skopje".

- Why was there a wait of 18 hours and I was not given a chance to save his life? After they left with the transport to Skopje, the wife received a call at 17:25 on Saturday "are you Luka's mother, we lost the baby, we did everything we could". My wife lost touch with reality from that pain and trauma.

I can't describe to you what she went through and how impossible it was for her to calm down from that pain and trauma. When they brought the baby back to Bitola, they revealed the sheet and we both saw it. They didn't let us see him alive, but we could have seen him dead, adds the father.

He tried to file criminal charges against those in charge of the neonatology department at the Bitola hospital and at the Resen police station and at the Bitola police station, but they did not accept his charges. That's why he is now looking for a lawyer and will go to the Bitola Public Prosecutor's Office and ask for a case to be opened.

"Sloboden Pechat" requested a statement from the "Trifun Panovski" Clinical Hospital in Bitola and from the Clinic for Children's Diseases in Skopje, where the baby was transported on Saturday in his last hours.

The Clinic for Children's Diseases in Skopje says that the baby was dead when it arrived.

On June 15, 2024 (Saturday), at 16:55 p.m., a newborn baby boy arrived from the Bitola Clinical Hospital without heartbeat and breathing. A resuscitation procedure was immediately started according to the protocol, but there was no response to it.

Exitus lethalis was found, after which it was returned with a medical transport team to the parent institution. It is a 30-hour-old newborn born by caesarean section at 38 weeks of gestation, with a birth weight of 3.620 grams and an APGAR score that was initially 5, then 7 and 7.

The newborn was sent to the Children's Clinic due to respiratory distress, in an ambulance accompanied by a pediatrician, the Clinic for Children's Diseases told "Sloboden Pechat".

By the way, the baby's mother is 33 years old and this was her second child. She sent evidence to "Sloboden Pechat" that she regularly controlled her pregnancy.


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