Basket Cam placed second in the premier tournament in the Balkan League


The basketball players of Basketball Cam they failed to reach the first place in the premier tournament of the newly formed women's Balkan League. The host Leotar celebrated in the final match with minimal (83:81), with a three-pointer made four seconds before the end through Kuzmanović.

Previously, the two teams changed the lead, and neither of them made a serious advantage. At least not in the first half, which was still won by Leotar with (43:39). Our representative dominated the third quarter, in which he finally managed to break away and take the lead with 62:57.

But that turned out to be not enough for a final victory, because the team from Trebinje had a better finish, in which even with a little luck, needed for such matches, they reached the triumph.

Adamovska was the top scorer in this match for the Macedonian champion and winner of the Super Cup, giving 24 points, followed by Dimova with 21. Before earning the fifth personal foul, Kmetovska recorded 15 points.

Earlier, Basket Kam defeated Herceg Novi in ​​the first semi-final match with 91:76.

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