Basket Kam 2011 defended the championship title and united the three crowns


Basketball cam 2011 is the new-old champion of Macedonia in the women's senior competition, after in the third match of the final series of the play-offs in The first basketball league, were once again better than Vardar.

After the two victories on their home field in Makedonska Kamenica, the basketball players led by Jaklina Stojanovska also celebrated "Pod Kale". Once again, quite difficult, but deserved, with a result (77:74), for the maximum (3-0) in the series.

In the third match, Kmetovska recorded 23 points and 12 rebounds for the winning team, Zubac also had an excellent release, who scored 24 points, while captain Pop Dimitrovska, apart from the good game in defense, helped with 12 points in the attack.

Dimitrijevic rounded off his excellent second half with 20 points, plus six rebounds and five assists. Zafirovska and Matie scored 15 points each for Vardar, while Nakov scored ten before committing his fifth personal foul.

In that way, Basket Cam 2011 reached a historic feat when it comes to Macedonian women's basketball. As the first team that managed to unite the three crowns.

In addition to the one in the Super Cup, and then in the Cup of Macedonia, the championship, the most valuable, also arrived. Third for the club from Makedonska Kamenica in the last four years, thus confirming the dominance in the women's segment of our basketball.


Cvetanka Dimova is the most useful player of the final series

There have been some really great performances over the three games in this women's play-off final series. And quite deservedly, Cvetanka Dimova was also named the most valuable player at the final of the playoffs, in which she seriously helped her team, Basket Cam 2011, to defend the championship title. Her performances in the first two matches of the final were particularly dominant, when she practically defended her home court. And the game of the new-old champion cannot be imagined without her presence on the court in the third and decisive match of the series.

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