"Balkan cartel" stopped with drugs in Spain - They were transporting cocaine in containers of fruit from Ecuador

Photo: Ministry of Interior

Agents of the Spanish police in a joint action with the Customs and Tax Agency have interrupted the main cocaine entry route of the criminal organization known to the police as the "Balkan Cartel" in Spain, reports Top Channel.

After seven inspections in the port of Valencia, more than 1.700 kilograms of cocaine hidden in containers from Ecuador were seized. One of the members of the Balkan Cartel, with military training and extensive operational knowledge, who came from Albania to supervise the transport of drugs, has been arrested, Spanish media reports. The operation was composed of different phases, which made it possible to determine the different methods of operation used by the Balkan Cartel to hide the drugs. The drugs were hidden in containers of fruit from Ecuador.

The investigation began when agents learned that the criminal network could import weekly sea containers of fruit from Ecuador, which would contain significant amounts of drugs. Agents found that the criminal organization used different methods to get the drugs into Spain, as they hid it in different ways, using holes in the freezer of the containers, designing false floors above them or beams with holes to accommodate them.

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