Biden says possible Russian military entry into Ukraine would be considered an "invasion"

Joe Biden
Joe Biden / Photo: EPA-EFE / Oliver Contreras / POOL

US President Joseph Biden said today that he clearly told Russian President Vladimir Putin that any movement of Russian military forces in Ukraine would be considered an invasion. Biden told a news conference that Russia would pay a high price in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine and that the United States had prepared a package of sanctions that would be imposed if that happened.

"If any Russian military units move across the Ukrainian border, it will be an invasion," Biden said, adding that he was "absolutely clear" with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

- It will be greeted with a strict and coordinated economic response, which I discussed in detail with our allies, as well as very clearly set out to President Putin.

"Russia will pay a high price," he told a news conference.

Russian officials said earlier today that President Biden's warning of possible devastating consequences if Russia headed for Ukraine would not help ease tensions but could further destabilize the situation.

Source: MIA

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