Biden will not use the powers to commute his son's sentence

US President Joe Biden has said he will not use his presidential powers to reduce the possible sentence his son Hunter will receive for his federal crime.

Biden, after the end of the press conference held at the G7 summit of the richest democracies in the world, answered that he did not want to, when asked if he planned to reduce his son's sentence. Hunter Biden's sentencing date has not been set, and the three counts carry up to 25 years in prison, reports The Associated Press. 

Whether Hunter Biden actually serves time behind bars will depend on U.S. District Judge Marilyn Noreika, who was nominated to the bench by former Republican President Donald Trump.

Biden's remarks came a day after the White House refused to rule out a potential commutation for Hunter Biden. Both the president and the White House have said for months that Biden would not pardon his son.

“I am extremely proud of my son Hunter. He overcame addiction. He is one of the smartest most decent men I know," Biden said earlier during a news conference Thursday. "I abide by the jury's decision. I will do it and I will not spare him.''

Will Biden's son go to jail?!

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