Biden called on Republicans to stop threatening to shut down the government

epa09695875 US President Joe Biden speaks during a press conference in the East Room of the White House, in Washington, DC, USA, 19 January 2022. EPA-EFE/Oliver Contreras / POOL

US President Joe Biden urged Republican politicians to stop "playing around" with the threat of a federal government shutdown, a day after the US Congress passed a temporary deal to avoid such a scenario.

"It's enough ... I'm tired of dangerous games," Biden stressed in a televised address after passing the emergency measure, which delayed the government shutdown deadline by 45 days as Republicans and Democrats wage a tough budget battle.

"There is no way we can allow an end to US aid to Ukraine," Biden said in the speech. "We have time, not a lot of time, and there is a tremendous sense of urgency," he added, noting that the funding bill only runs through mid-November. Biden urged Congress to agree on the aid package as soon as possible.

The United States will not leave Ukraine in the war against Russia, although the agreement to avoid the paralysis of the federal government does not include additional aid to Kiev, Biden stressed. "I want to tell our allies, the American people and the people of Ukraine that you can count on our support. We will not leave" Ukraine, he said in a televised address.

International support is crucial for Ukraine in its fight against Russia. The United States is Kiev's largest donor, providing about $110 billion in civilian and military aid as of February 2022.

The US avoided a last-minute shutdown of its federal administration, with the Senate passing an emergency measure just three hours before the deadline. However, she rules out aid to war-torn Ukraine that the White House has requested.

US congressmen are to consider a separate bill for military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine in the amount of $24 billion, which President Joe Biden wanted to include in the budget. According to American media, the vote could be held early next week.

A small group of Republican congressmen, supporters of former President Donald Trump, refuse to give any new aid to Kiev, arguing that these funds should be directed to managing the migration crisis.

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