"Grandma, are you going to die?" When you die, all this will be mine ": The story of Vedrana Rudan after the visit of her nephew

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Vedrana Rudan's last column is something special for every woman. Complex family relationships are complex even in the most complex family, only if one wants to speak honestly about them. A text that made us cry with laughter, and then we thought for a while: "My nephew visited me", posted on her We are transmitting your blog in its entirety.

"Nona, I would come." I had not seen him for months. My son told us: "I forbade Kresho to come to you until you regain consciousness. "Shame on the whole family with your love shit."

"Take it easy," I told him, "you have your life." You will not blackmail me with my nephew. I can do without you and without him. "I hung up."

Not that I do not love Creso, not that I do not love my son, but today's grandchildren are not what they used to be. During the Cresso years, I was happy to walk with my grandmother through the fields sprinkled with wild strawberries. Kresho, when he came to me, would sit in front of my desk, start playing games, with his feet on the table asking me about: “Juice! Chips! Fried meat! "

He entered the garden and left a box by the iron gate. His father ran away so he would not have to say goodbye to his mother. I wonder, for which mother who is in her seventies should not spend her money the way she wants?

"Are you blind?" "All these men are taking advantage of you." "How not, son, you see that I use them too." "Mom! You are an old woman! "You will be left with a bare ass." "Don't worry about my ass. Take care of your own. You are in your fifties, eager to wait for their mother to die before moving into her home. "Why not buy a house?"

"I read an interview with Elon Musk's mother. When he was a child, he, his brothers and their mother slept in the open air, the cows licked their faces and woke them up. Today, Musk is one of the richest people in the world. Where in Rijeka will I find a cow licking me? Why would cows lick you while you live in a villa? Nowhere does it say that a mother should take care of her children and take care of them until death. "You are a spoiled old coward."

Kresho wore torn Bermuda shorts and a black T-shirt with the inscription "F ** K" written in red letters! "Nona, will you buy me a cell phone for my birthday?" "Good day, Nona, how are you, Nona, does anything hurt you, Nona?" "Be a little polite."

"What hurts you Nona?" Will you die? When you die, will all this be mine? "" When you die, Kresho, when you die. I will not die but you. "Why would all this be yours?"

"Tell Daddy to go to hell." "You are an old woman, old women must not swear. It is very ugly. Will you buy me a cell phone? ”“ I will not buy it for you. "Let your father buy you." "Dad said he was upset with you and said something else." "What did Dad say?" "Will you buy me a cell phone?" "Crash! You will not blackmail me! It is very ugly. "What did Dad say?"

"He said he would take your abilities and go to Heaven. "Will you buy me a cell phone?" "Paradise?" Would you put me in that hole? There lay the late Rudy. Ten rats per patient. They walked in "Paradise" relaxed like hard cats. Rudy was tied to the bed day and night and his children took away his "abilities" even though he was more capable than them. "The referee was cheap."

"Do you want to buy me a cell phone?" "I will buy it for you, and you will come to me every day and tell them what their plans are." "Your father is bad, he wants to sell this house." "And then all this will not be mine? "Bravo, Creso, that's right. "You and I need to be careful that your father does not steal our house."

"Will I have to come to you every day?" "And then, will you buy me a cell phone, an iPhone?" "Nona, I brought you a present." "A gift?" "The gift is in the box there." "I went to the door and opened the box. A beautiful black cat was sitting in it. Tears welled up in my eyes. "God, how much that little cat loves me."

"Krecho, Kresho, how good a child you are, thank you, honey. Where did you find such a beautiful cat? I kissed him with dirty hair. "The child hates water." "Mom said I could not tell you." "What?" "Give me a hundred kunas." "Here is a hundred kuna." "What did your mother tell you?"

"Nona, you are stupid. "I will not tell you now what Mom said." "And I will not buy you an iPhone." "Liar!" Liar! ” Mom told me to bring you this cat because she was tired of cleaning her hair all the time. "Can I go home now?" "You can, and he disappeared immediately."

Paradise? Heaven, fuck! For which women do women go for artificial insemination?

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