"My grandmother is trapped in the building": Turkish stars spoke about the earthquake, asking for help

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An earthquake measuring 7,8 on the Richter scale it hit the southerly early this morning Turkey and was felt across much of the country as well as several countries in the region, including neighboring Syria. A major rescue operation is underway. The number of injured and dead in the devastating earthquake is growing.

Numerous Turkish stars spoke about the devastating earthquake. The actress Seda Bakan wrote on Instagram: "We woke up with very bad news. I wish everyone a speedy recovery."

The actress Melissa Cotton via Twitter asked for help for her grandmother and aunt.

"My grandmother can't walk, she's sick... My grandmother and my aunt are trapped in the building. We don't know what condition the apartment is in, is there anyone in the area who can help? 75. Bulevar Yil No. 10 Jam apt 4th floor, Antakya," she wrote on Twitter.

The actress Tuba Buyukustun asks for help from people from other countries: “Turkey has declared a state of alert at level four. 'Level 4' includes a call for international assistance. To those around the world who are reading this message... Our people, who have found themselves under the rubble due to the earthquake in my country, are asking for your help to save themselves."

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The actor Burak Ozchivit, known as Bali-beg, wished his country a speedy recovery. "We ask God for mercy for our population who lost their lives in this disaster." "My condolences to their families and loved ones, and I wish the injured a speedy recovery," he said.

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The actress Demet Ozdemir said: "I woke up with a terrible shock. I wish everyone a speedy recovery. "What a disaster in this cold."

He also addressed his followers Elchin Sangu. "We are deeply saddened by the earthquake that happened in our country. We pray for those who lost their lives, and we wish the injured a speedy recovery," she wrote on Instagram.

Among other things, the Turkish stars also leave information and numbers that the affected population can contact for help.

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