No country on Earth would grant asylum to Ljupco Palevski

Suspect Ljupco Palevski - Palco with the murdered Vanja and Panche / Photo Collage of SP / Social networks

Neither Russia, nor Belarus, nor any other country in the world would grant asylum to Ljupco Palevski - Palco, suspected of the kidnapping and murder of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska from Skopje and the execution of 74-year-old Pance Zhezhovski from Veles, they say. security experts for the Free Press.

Palevski is wanted with an international warrant for the investigation of the crimes of kidnapping and murder following an order issued by the Skopje Public Prosecutor's Office, and his current whereabouts are unknown. When he is found, he will go straight to detention.

- In principle, every country grants political asylum, but not for committed serious crimes such as liquidations and murders. Russia and Belarus will not give it to him. The Embassy of Russia in Macedonia is monitoring all these situations and the Russian intelligence services have information, and I do not believe that they will agree on this matter. It is possible that some other country will use him for other actions, in terms of terrorism, but I think that Ljupco Palevski is a compromised person to the end, all the media published data and photos of him and I think that there is no one to protect him. I don't even believe that he has the finances, so to speak, to buy his freedom somewhere. I expect Turkey to send him back quickly, because there is information that he is there and that he was planning to go to Russia or Belarus, but if they cut off his path here, still in Turkey, that will be good, Pavle Trajanov told "Sloboden Pechat" former Minister of the Interior.

When asked if Palevski possessed compromising materials, as it is known that he possessed, that is, that he possessed illegally recorded conversations - "bombs" and whether this could be the currency with which he would pay for his freedom, Trajanov says that this is not possible .

- There is no space. This is not a political dissident but a suspected murderer for such serious crimes, that there is no place in the world that would protect him or where he would hide. In connection with the wiretapped conversations that came to SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE, they started sharing them and one of those who got it was Ljupco Palevski-Palco and not to mention all the others from the criminal underground, who they used for blackmail. Criminal groups from Kosovo also received a lot of information. That means, those conversations are no longer useful. But what is a huge mistake and which you, as a media, should ask and be interested in, is how Ljupco Palevski-Palco can be found with weapons that were held illegally and he is not responsible for that. The leaders of all political parties keep in contact with this profile of people, and then they become strong and encourage each other what to do. That fact is enough, because the penalties for illegal possession of weapons are high. Who is it that blocked that process? If Palevski was held accountable for the illegal weapons, he would have been prevented from committing such serious crimes - Trayanov believes.

By the way, it is true that in May of this year, Ljupco Palevski Palco, now suspected of two murders and kidnapping, he was carrying a gun without a permit and with three others he was looking for gold at Demir Kapija. 

It is a small part of the rich offer of criminal and misdemeanor acts of Palevski, which date back to the nineties.

For example, according to one of the verdicts found by "Sloboden pečet", Palevski, who is known to have been a construction businessman, among other things, involved in illegal constructions, defrauded a man, because instead of selling him an apartment, he took his money and his apartment sold to another person. He did not return the money to the first person. He received a suspended sentence.


In 2019, a criminal charge was filed against him for unauthorized wiretapping and audio recording, and in the same year he also had a misdemeanor charge for insulting a police officer. In 2020, a criminal complaint was filed for illegal possession of weapons. In 2005, he was charged with a criminal complaint for abuse of official position and authority, falsification of documents, false reporting of a crime, and in 2000 he was charged with tax evasion.

Instead of being in prison, he ended up as a media star on various podcasts and shows, and when convicted criminals such as Marjan Stamenkovski - "Dokaz" were released from prison for "treatment", they appeared at Palco's studio to complain and on the way they threaten to change the government. Palevski's podcasts were known for their radicalism, extreme right-wing direction, glorification of patriotism and Christian democracy, behind which, as a matter of fact, was hiding the man who is currently unavailable to the law enforcement authorities and who was pointed out by witnesses as the executor of Vanja Gjorchevska and Panče Žežovski.

The professor of the Faculty of Security, Frosina Remenski, agrees that no country on the globe will grant asylum to Palevski.

- Fleeing due to murder cannot be a basis for obtaining asylum. If they give it to him, it will mean recognition of the order, the professor believes.

She analyzes that the real sign of Vanya's murder is the ferocity, if the information published yesterday by a television station is confirmed, that Vanya was allegedly suffocated while she was tied in a sleeping bag in the trunk of the car in which she was abducted.

- The real sign of Vanya's murder is brutality – shooting a suffocated child who was supposed to be a hostage in an extortion agreement with the "father". The main question that was raised after the press conference of the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of the Interior was what does the murder have to do with the extortion out of favoritism, why would she be killed if there was no demand for money? Here's a criminology student's explanation as to why. Kidnapping a minor or a child for the purpose of extortion is almost the same as taking and holding hostages for the purpose of extortion as a terrorist element. If the information that Vanya suffocated in the car in which the abductors drove and took her to the location is correct, then shooting the suffocated child is an act of cruelty known in law as the most serious form of murder punishable by life imprisonment. If the child Vanya was suffocated, in the plan of the monsters she became a useless hostage with whom they could not extort anything and therefore no one demanded anything. In the monstrous plan of the killer and co-perpetrators, the step they took by burying the child's body was their hope that no one would ever find it and they would not be discovered, Remenski analyzes. 

Ljupco Palevski-Palco is the prime suspect for the most heinous crime in recent history in which 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska from Skopje and 74-year-old Pance Zhezhovski from Veles were killed. Their lifeless bodies were found in graves, which were pointed out by two witnesses who watched the executions and pointed out Palevski as their executor, that is, as the man who fired the gun.

A gun has not yet been found, but those involved have pointed out the graves where the victims were buried. Vanya was not on any of the 70 provided camera shots, because she was grabbed at the entrance of the building where she lived, tied by her hands and feet, put in a sleeping bag and put in a trunk.

Then she was killed in the atar of the village of Orman. Public Prosecutor Gavril Bubevski said that the most likely motive for Vanja's murder is that her mother sold her apartment and thus obtained a larger amount of money, which the group wanted to extort from her, and that the information about Vanja's movements was given to the suspects. her father who is in custody.

Meanwhile, Palevski is not in Macedonia. He went to Belgrade, then to Bulgaria together with his lawyer, who told "Thelma" that he was abused because, as he said, "he thought he was driving Palevski to the doctor, and he knew nothing about the crimes he was suspected of".

Palevski is wanted internationally. According to the data so far, the group of five suspects committed the murder immediately after the abduction, ie around 10 o'clock in the morning on Monday, because something "got out of control".

According to the statements of the suspects, they were afraid that the investigation was progressing, the police were investigating at the highest level, so they decided to kill Vanya and ask for the money later.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the murdered Pance Zhezhovski from Veles owed 500 euros to one of the suspects, so after he was killed, his vehicle was stolen and used by the five to kidnap Vanya. Then they set the vehicle on fire, and there is material evidence at which gas station they bought the fuel for that purpose.

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