Azeski: Export should become a top priority and be directly supported by the Budget

Branko Azeski, Chamber of Commerce of Northern Macedonia / Free Press Archive

Everyone has weighed on the backs of the companies and are squandering their money, and on the other hand, the state interferes in the work, so it demands that no work be done on Sundays, determines margins, determines the minimum wage, and does not allow the execution of the debts of state institutions, said the SKM president

Export should become a top national priority, and if the state wants to help the companies, it should do so by pushing it into the Budget, and not through the Macedonian Bank for Development Support, which then forwards the companies to other banks, which take large commissions from companies, said the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Branko Azeski, in his monthly address entitled "Export, Export, Export!". Illustratively, in 1992, Macedonian exports weighed 1,2 billion dollars, and last year it was 8,7 billion dollars. Or in 30 years, Macedonian exports grew by 7 times, while in the same period, Slovenia recorded a 10 times higher export growth, and in Poland, exports grew by 25 times!

- If they ask me where the money comes from, let them abolish 1.320 state organs and bodies, which house 129 thousand administrators. The money that would be saved from them and from the abolition of the management boards in the state institutions, should be directed towards increasing exports - Azeski pointed out.

According to him, the state should replace political diplomats with economic diplomats, because there will be more trouble from them.

- They are fighting for Paris, and for 6 years we have not had an ambassador in neighboring Serbia, which is one of our biggest trading partners.

The president of SKM ordered the state to urgently introduce special plates for official vehicles, because they are used to "drive in fields and in adulterous activities, after working hours".

- Everyone has weighed on the backs of the companies and squandered their money, so it is simply unbelievable to me how the business survives. On the other hand, the state interferes in our work, asking us not to work on Sundays, setting our margins, setting the minimum wage, and does not allow the execution of the debts of the state institutions. We are looking for a new framework agreement for the economy to return to the pedestal, because it can't be like this anymore - insists Azeski.

He had another big plea to the European leaders, who, according to him, were bringing solutions to the detriment of small countries.

- Let's tell them - if they help us, don't humiliate us - said Azeski.

Amen from long weekends, one is over and another is coming

The president of SKM assesses that there is no work in the country and productivity is at a minimum, that is, only 20 percent of the workforce. Through the example of non-working days, Azeski illustrated how things work in this country and said that this cannot be endured anymore.

– My employees go on long weekends for 6 weeks in a row. So now the summer vacations will start and everyone will take a trip to Greece, because now it was cheaper. Then again in September because even then it was cheap. When will we work? Aman from the non-working days, one long weekend is not over yet, another one is coming - said Azeski.

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