The Macedonian author Bozinovska is the laureate of the "Antevo slovo" award for the year 2023/2024

Seventh edition of the poetry event "Antevo slovo"

The international poetry event "Angelo La Vecchia" ("Il Parnaso - Concorso di Poesia - Premio Angelo La Vecchia"), in cooperation with the Association for the Development of Culture and Protection of Cultural Heritage "Kontext - Strumica", this year for the seventh time awards the prize for the best unpublished poetic work "Antevo slovo", a special prize at the festival, established in honor of the great Macedonian poetry Ante Popovski.

Among the participants, apart from poets from Macedonia, there were also authors from England, Albania, Bulgaria, Tunisia and Cyprus, and the wider selection included: Risto Majunkov, Ana Buntevska, Darko Leshoski, Sonia Karbeva, Milcho Misoski, Elizabeta Donchevka-Lushin, Ljubica Shopova, Juliana Mladenovska-Teshia, Elizabeta Bandilovska, Maja Apostolova, Irena Pavlova De Odorico and Maria Chokalova.

The commission consisting of: Mitko Gogov (chairman), Violeta Tancheva-Zlateva, Dragana Evtimova, Georges Popovski (members) and Gero La Vekija (external collaborator), after receiving hundreds of songs, unanimously decided to award the first prize to Macedonian Bozinovska for the song "Krienka ".

- In her short but effective song "Krienka" Macedonian Bozinovska reveals to us the entire philosophy of humanity. Simplified in its expression, with just a few pictures from childhood it reveals to us a panorama of memories, collective nostalgia, but also an essential worldview that reflects the depth of the author's perception of reality.

The first stanza is a glowing picture of the current state of modern man, his distance from the Other and his attempt to hide in his shell. But even when he thinks he has found a good shelter, the shadow still betrays him and remains visible and exposed to the world. Rising above others in life, winning a high place in the hierarchy of what we call success, man realizes that despite the heights reached, he remains "the lowest of all creatures."

Verses that talk about transience, impermanence, invisibility and fragility of the individual, the questioning of individual positioning in the system of life values. And that is the moment when a person should realize that each of us is just a drop in the sea of ​​life and that true success is measured by something else – by looking into oneself and by winning over pride and the need to stand out. Only in harmony with our divine being are we truly protected from the evils of the world and only from it can we draw strength to overcome them and accept diversity. And true elevation is possible only through knowledge (dewdrop), which is capable of cleaning and clarifying our spirit for true humanity, for merging with all the creatures of the world - it is stated in the explanation of the award-winning poem.

The songs "If I have another hour with you" by Milena Siljanoska and "There were days" by Aleksandra Spaseska won the second prize at the competition, while the third prize was won by "You will walk" by Rekia Fabio (Italy) and "The Nut" by Anteva Temjana (pseudonym ). Vasja Mickovski won the young author award for the song "Za prašlivivi".

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