Austria shocked: Nursing home caregivers harass and sexually abuse retirees

Old people / Photo: Marina Kovacevic / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

Austrian authorities are investigating the abuse of people in a home for the elderly and infirm in Lower Austria.

Since the spring of this year, Austrian authorities have been investigating allegations that four employees tortured and sexually abused people in a nursing home in Zitzenberg-Redling.

So far, four suspects - three women and a man aged 30 to 45 - have defended themselves in silence, and their lawyer has asked for the proceedings to be terminated. However, the daily Courier has now posted disturbing photos that further compromise the suspects.

The photos that appeared on the WhatsApp application were handed over to the public prosecutor, and the company "SeneKura", which owns the home, promises "maximum transparency".

The first allegations of inappropriate and abusive treatment of the residents of the home became known at the end of March 2021, announced ORF.

"SeneKura" reacted quickly and immediately filed a report with the police and launched an internal investigation, the results of which were sent to the public prosecutor. Four nurses were then "immediately fired"

The state prosecutor's office has been investigating, as they say, the torture or neglect and sexual abuse of helpless people for several months. How many residents of the home were affected by it, is not yet known.

Austrian media report that the caregivers denied food to the elderly in the home, gave them pills to put them to sleep so that they could not deal with them, insulted them and shouted at them. Details of suspected sexual abuse have not been released.

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