Atanasov entered the history of McBasket as the youngest coach with a championship trophy

photo: KK MZT Skopje Aerodrom

This season MZT Skopje Aerodrom I started it with Aleksandar Petrović on the bench, Dragan Nikolic sat on it for a short while. But he took the team to the 10th jubilee title – Vasko Atanasov.

Atanasov entered the history of McBasket as the youngest coach with a championship ring at the age of 29 years and two months.

- The joy is great, the title confirmed our quality and is a reward for all the effort invested in the hundreds of trainings starting from August. We believed in ourselves, analyzed each opponent, set up a special game in order to exploit their weaknesses, and in the end we reached the goal. Credit for this success goes to literally everyone in the club, from first to last. I have a huge gratitude for the basketball players, for the work and for the faith they had and for my colleagues from the professional staff, and of course for the administration without which nothing would have been possible. We have invested a lot of effort and now we deserve to celebrate - said Atanasov.


For the captain of the team Damjan Stojanovski, with his club in the "blue and white" jersey won the eighth championship title in his rich career.

The Macedonian international says that he and his teammates knew what they needed to win the third victory in this final playoff series, to seal the double crown in the domestic championship, after winning the state cup "Blagoja Georgievski - Bushtur" a few months ago.

- We knew that only with a good defense we can reach victory and the title, especially against a team that is quite strong in that aspect. We lived up to expectations in the domestic championship by tying the double crown, but failed to please our fans with the ABA league. We were eliminated with seven wins, I think we needed to win another game to play next season, but that's what it is - says Stojanovski.

The MZT player also answered the question regarding the future of mac-basket from his point of view.

- In Macedonia, there has always been and always will be. All the clubs in Macedonia must pay attention to the young players, they must give them a chance above all, and endure those few defeats so that the domestic championship in the future as well as the national team will be as high-quality as possible - these are the words of Stojanovski.

MZT Skopje Airport won the 10th championship title

PHOTO: MZT player Vojdan Stojanovski named MVP in the final series


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